Who We Are?


Here at Spirit and Life Lighters we would like you to feel “hugged and loved on” by the words and life of Jesus because that is what has happened to us and we want to pass His life and love on as He leads.

From the first time we saw that Jesus said His words are “spirit and life” (John 6:63) until now, we’ve been on a journey – just like you. Though there have been times when we weren’t sure He really meant what He said, time and circumstances have proved He always lights up the best, life-giving way.

Hope you will journey with us from time to time and find out for yourself just how much He loves, understands and travels with you through your good as well as bad times. He’s always “spot on!”

We ARE the light of the world but HE is our unfailing source of this light forever. So we will be encouraging and helping you stay connected to The Source – Jesus Christ!